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Knowledge about Air Filters

Nov. 06, 2020


未标题-5.jpgSpeaking of Car Air Filter, everyone is familiar with it. They are often overlooked, because in everyone’s impression, the air filter uses a filter element to filter the dust in the air. Yes, that's what it does. But the facts are not that simple. Otherwise, why upgrade the filtering technology of the air filter and configure a dedicated sensor? Enough to see the importance of emptiness. Let's first take a look at the relevant knowledge of the empty consideration.

The air entering the air inlet must first be filtered by a filter to filter out dust and particles in the air. Ensure that the air entering the engine is basically only gas. If dust or particulate matter enters the engine and mixed with fuel for combustion, it will increase the friction between the engine piston ring and the cylinder wall. I don't need to say any more about the failure caused later. The failure of engine component damage is certain. If the filter element is too dirty and clogged, it will hinder the air intake, resulting in insufficient power due to insufficient air intake, weak acceleration, and even inability to start the car.

So is there any attention to the maintenance of air filters for car engines?

1. Dust outlet

The outlet that discharges the dust accumulated in the filter housing wall under the inertial vortex. When the engine is above 1500 rpm, the vortex cyclone in the box will discharge part of the dust through this port, and a small amount of rainwater can be completely discharged through this port, but the intake The waterproofing of the cap port and the air inlet middle interface must also be done well. A large amount of water will seriously damage the filtration efficiency of the filter element.


① If the dust exhaust valve is damaged or falls off, and the rubber of the dust exhaust port loses its elasticity and cannot be closed, it must be replaced in time. Under the action of the internal and external pressure difference, the unprefiltered air directly enters the air filter element, and the filtered dust cannot be discharged normally, which greatly reduces the filtering effect and service life of the air filter.

②In rainy days or working conditions with high air humidity, it is necessary to clean the condensed dust in the dust exhaust outlet and dust exhaust channel in time and frequently. The high humidity will cause the dust to condense and affect the dust exhaust.

2. Main filter element and safety filter element

The work of filtering dust mainly relies on the main filter element and the safety filter element has air permeability, but the filtering performance is poor. The two filter elements need to be used together.

① The two filter elements must be identical and complete, and only one filter element is not allowed to start the engine. The safety filter element does not require maintenance and cleaning, and it is not allowed to remove the safety filter element during maintenance. In order to prevent dust from entering the air inlet (even if it is stopped).

② If the main filter element is damaged, or if there is dust on the surface of the safety filter element when it is too dirty, the main filter element and the safety filter element should be replaced immediately.

③When replacing the two filter elements, ensure that there is no fly dust in the environment. When replacing, disassemble and replace one after the other, not at the same time.

3. The cleaning sequence of the filter

①Remove the main filter element, block both ends of the filter element with a clean cloth or rubber stopper, brush away the dust on the surface of the filter element along the crease direction with a soft brush, and gently tap the end face of the filter element to make the dust fall off.

Or you can use 0.2-0.3MPa compressed air to blow from the inside of the filter element to outside to blow off the dust on the outer surface of the filter element. It is forbidden to use liquid cleaning during cleaning to prevent the filter element from sticking to dust and causing the filter element to block.

②Check whether the rubber sealing ring of the main filter element is damaged; check whether there is dust inside the main filter element. If the above problems exist, the main filter element should be replaced immediately.

③Check whether there is dust or insect corpses on the inner wall of the air cleaner; whether there is dust condensation at the dust exhaust port, if there are any above problems, clean it up in time.

4. The filter element should not be cleaned frequently.

The service life of the filter element depends on the ash capacity. It is not possible to clean all the dust in the filter element every time it is cleaned, so its dust holding capacity will be reduced by more than 20%. As the number of cleaning increases, the dust holding capacity of the filter element will gradually decrease. It is recommended to replace the filter element with a new one after about 3 times of cleaning the filter element.

A sensor that monitors the filter is installed on the intake port of the filter linking the turbocharger. When the air filter needs maintenance and the intake resistance reaches the set value, the indicator light will light up to send out a maintenance signal to remind the driver The air filter is maintained or replaced.

Generally, every time the vehicle is maintained twice, check the air filter, clean the filter element or replace it, and don't just rely on the prompt of the sensor.

The above is the relevant content shared by car air filter manufacturers. As a peripheral component of the engine, its importance is the same as that of diesel fuel. Therefore, we should pay more attention to it.

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