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The Role of Air Filter

Oct. 23, 2020


The role of commercial vehicle air filters? How often is it replaced? With the popularity of automobiles, people's demand for car maintenance knowledge is also increasing.

What is a commercial vehicle air filter?

The air filter can bring a cleaner car environment to the car. It is an automotive product and consists of a filter element and a shell. The main requirements are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and continuous use for a long time without maintenance.

The role of air filter

The engine will suck in a lot of air when it is working. If the air is not filtered, the suspended impurities in the air will be brought into the cylinder, which will affect the friction between the piston and the cylinder, and serious cylinder pulling may occur. The air filter is mainly responsible for removing particulate impurities in the air.

The air filter is equivalent to the protector of the engine. By purifying and filtering the dust and sand in the air, it prevents the engine from being interfered by external impurities and affecting its normal operation. The engine is well maintained and has a long service life. A lot of it lies in the protection of the filter.

Classification of air filters

There are two types of air filters, namely dry and wet.

Dry air filter is a filter that separates impurities in the air through a dry filter element.

Wet air filters include two types: oil-immersed and oil-bath.

The oil-immersed filter element separates the impurities in the air through an oil-immersed filter element. The filter element material is made of metal wire fabric and foamed material.

The oil bath type is to introduce the dusty air sucked in into the oil pool to remove most of the dust, and then the air with oil mist flows upwards through a filter element made of metal wire for further filtering, and the oil droplets are blocked. The dust returns to the oil sump together. Oil-bath air filters are generally used in agricultural institutions and marine power.

How the air filter works

There are 3 types of air filtration: inertia, filtration and oil bath

1. Inertial

Because the density of impurities is higher than that of air, when the impurities rotate or make sharp turns with the air, the centrifugal inertial force can separate the impurities from the airflow.

2. Filter type

Guide the air to flow through the metal filter screen or filter paper, etc., to block impurities and adhere to the filter element.

3. Oil bath

There is an oil pan at the bottom of the air filter, which uses the sudden rotation of the airflow to impact the oil, separates impurities and sticks in the oil, and the agitated oil droplets flow through the filter element with the airflow and adhere to the filter element. When the air flows through the filter element, it can further adsorb impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.

The hazards of not replacing the diesel air filter in time

If a dirty air filter is used in a car, it will cause insufficient intake of the engine and incomplete fuel combustion, resulting in unstable engine operation, decreased power, and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, the car must keep the air filter clean. Therefore, when you find the car is weak, the engine sound is dull, and the fuel is consuming, you should replace the air filter in time.

Air filter replacement cycle

Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of the air filter is 15,000 kilometers. Automobile air filters should be replaced once for vehicles that often work in harsh environments not exceeding 10,000 kilometers.

There is no absolute standard for the replacement of the air filter. If you are referring to a car, this is not conclusive. What you have to do is to pay more attention to the air filter during the usual inspection and maintenance to see if the interior is clean or if there is dust accumulation. If the interior is very dirty , Then it must be cleaned or replaced.

Diesel Air Filter

Identify how to replace the air filter

What is the working condition of the air filter, and what condition indicates that it needs maintenance or replacement?

In actual use, the engine's working state will have the following abnormalities: such as the roaring sound is dull, the acceleration is slow; the work is weak; the water temperature is relatively high; and when the exhaust smoke becomes thick during acceleration, it means that the air filter is blocked. Remove the filter element in time for maintenance or replacement.

When maintaining the air filter element, pay attention to the color change of the inner and outer surface of the filter element. After the dust is removed, if the natural color of the outer surface of the filter paper is clear and the inner surface is bright, the filter element can continue to be used; if the outer surface of the filter paper has lost its natural color or the inner surface is dark, it must be replaced.

Misunderstandings in the use of air filters

1. Don't ask for quality when buying

Because a few maintenance personnel did not recognize the importance of the air filter, they only wanted to buy it cheaply, not quality, and the engine became abnormal soon after it was installed. Especially when there are many fake and inferior products in the current market, we should shop around, choose carefully, and always adhere to the principle of quality first.

2. Dismantle at will during use

The engine must use an air filter, which is scientifically based. However, some drivers remove the air filter at will, allowing the engine to directly suck in unfiltered air to work.

3. Maintenance and replacement do not proceed from reality

In actual work, many drivers and repairers act mechanically according to regulations, instead of flexibly grasping different factors such as the environment, and insist on waiting for the mileage to reach the standard and the engine working condition is obviously abnormal before maintenance. It should be noted that if maintenance is carried out at this time, not only the losses that have been caused cannot be restored, but also greater harm will be caused.

Air filter suppliers believe that: the function of the air filter is equivalent to the lungs of the engine, which has a great impact on the life of the engine, so car owners should pay special attention to the maintenance of the air filter. Clean and replace in time.

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